• Hp FBR39006010 hinges
  • Hp FBR39006010 hinges
Hp FBR39006010 hinges

Hp FBR39006010 screen hinges shafts

Price: US$ 37.72
Availability: Ships within 1 to 2 working days
Condition: New
Shipping: Free delivery
Type: Replacement laptop screen hinges shafts
Unit: one set of screen hinges
Warranty: 6 months from the receipt date

In case your laptop display monitor gives way easily other than being firm, it is time to repair or replace the Hp FBR39006010 hinges so that it is not rendered useless.

This Hp FBR39006010 screen shafts is brand new, high quality and full six months warranty. We recommend that you carefully compare the images listed with your old Hp FBR39006010 hinges before placing an order.

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